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Read the article on allkpop.

I feel like Kang Seung Yoon's team is at advantage now, and to be honest I also support his team. Why wouldn't I do it? I waited for him to debut for 3 years.
But of course, first we have to see both team to perform and let them show what they got.

The situation is a bit....
If Seung Yoon's team win some will say that's because of him, but what if they lose? Will he remain as a solo artist?
If yes, then maybe that would be better for him. I really don't know.

But we'll see.
On a side note whoever wins, I think that WINNER is a lame name.
Tasty - Mamama

First of all Tasty is finally back after one year!!!! Yoohooo!!! My favorite twins, my lovely oppas are in the house! :))
I love the song and the choreo, I just wish it would be longer than just 2:39.

BigStar - 일단달려 (Run & Run)

Here comes the crazy BigStar. The Brave boys' new song is a funny, bright and lovely party song.

Lim Jeong Hee - Luv Is

A nice song from a wonderful singer. Although I don't like this one as much as I like Golden Lady or Would Never Be Real, but still it's a nice song.

ZE:A - 바람의유령(The Ghost Of Wind)

Finally a great song from them. They are as 9 again, our forever injured and clumsy leader Junyoung is back on the stage too. I like the video and the choreography very much.


Last but definitely not least, the boys from outer space, the warrior bunnies are back with an epic piece. I only wish they would perform Hurricane too.
18 July 2013 @ 05:33 pm

I've just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy. It was such an amazing, wonderful and exciting journey.

I loved it, although the end could have been a bit more... detailed(?). With Peeta I mean, but it's okay though.

I read the whole thing, all three books in about a week.

I've only seen the movie a few days ago, too. It was good. It wasn't perfect, but much much better than some of the adaptations out there. I absolutely loved the cast though.

I can't wait to see the Catching Fire movie too, but I know it will only be released in November. :(

30 June 2013 @ 05:37 pm

OMG, I can't believe this. There was this old fancam of a B1A4 fanmeet, where Jinyoung performed a beautiful song. I'm in love with his voice and hearing him performing a solo act is so rare. That performance is wonderful. :)

But, I didn't know the song, nor I could find it anywhere. Then I watched this Chinese interview thing with EXO-K where all of the members named a song that they hold dearly in their heart. And BAMMM. Chanyeol said that same exact song, what Jinyoung performed during that fanmeeting. I couldn't believe I finally found it.

Thank you Chanyeol baby!!! <3

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25 June 2013 @ 05:18 pm
Okay I just finished watching EXO’s Sukira appearence on the day od their comeback. I know it happened a while ago, but whatever. I was only in the mood now, it was sooo long.

BUT, I have to say I’m in love with these boys. It’s amusing to just watch them talking and laughing with each other. How carefree they are when they smiling and conversing with each other. It’s really fascinating and heart-warming.

There were ones who stood out for me though. :) (Please be prepared my cheesy lines.)

Suho you crazy EXsuhO. I love you. I’ve always held you dearly in my heart, you were on my bias list from the beginning, but ever since the start of your Wolf promotions you climbed up very very high. You’re on 2nd place now, and tbh sometimes maybe you’re even 1st, but at least on-par with that brat Sehun. I love seeing you smile, you’re so precious, it always warms my heart. You make a good job controlling and keeping these crazy dorks together. :D You’re one my favorite leader, one of the best of all time. You’re working really hard for your fans and for your members. <3

My dear Kyungsoo I see you’re adorable and sometimes awkward actions, but I also see your playful personality, handsome face and sexy expressions. You move and dance better than you think, and your deep, slightly husky and sexy voice kills hundreds of fan girls around the world every day. I feel like you know more than that your innocent face shows and you could seduce any woman if you want. Just like how you did with me. ;D

Sehun, since I don’t know good enough words to describe you, you’re simply PERFECT to me. I don’t want to start with you, because it would never end. But I love you just the way you are. You’re one of the most perfect man I’ve ever seen on Earth. Please stay like this and with us for a long long time. And please be a bit more active, and louder, show us more of your cheeky and playful persona, give us more moments to love you. Oh, and you should watch out your first place in my heart because your precious hyung, Suho really wants to be first, but I won’t ever let you lost. If anything, then you two will be together on the first place. ^.^

Luhan, you’re just too loveable and handsome for every girl to handle. It’s good to see you all talkative and crazy with your members. I wanna hear you speak more in Korean, because I just love the way you talk in that language. And I’d like to hear you sing more because you’re voice is just too beautiful and stable even though you don’t have that wide range of voice like Chen or D.O. You have an athletic body, and I just love how you move. You’re one of the most talented person out there. :D

Chanyeol, well I have to be honest. You slipped down on my bias list, but I won’t ever leave you. All of your actions are just too funny and adorable. But you can be manly and sexy as well. Your body is perfect, and listening to your voice should be called a sin. It’s irresistibly sexy. Won’t ever change because you’re perfect just how you are. ^^

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